2 Worst Mistakes/Myth Surrounding Weight Loss

2 Worst Mistakes/Myth Surrounding Weight Loss

Today we will talk about the two major myths for weight loss and how you can make these myths work for you. When someone wants to they either join the gym or go on a diet. There is a reason why these are the Myths! You can never exercise enough to have any meaningful impact on weight loss and dieting does not work! Cardio, Weight training or abs training are all poor choices when it comes to weight loss. And how long do you think you can go without eating your favorite food without a relapse. This is why a lot of diets fail.

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Most people by far join the gym in hopes of losing weight. The truth is there's not a single exercise in the world that will make you lose weight by simply performing it. Whether you do tons of cardio, lift weights or do ab exercises you just cannot exercise enough to make a meaningful impact on weight loss. The number of calories you burn at the gym can easily be replenished in a single meal.

Which brings us to our second myth. Diet! Let's be honest dieting does not work. If you're on a diet at some point you're going to be off a diet. It's just not sustainable to starve yourself or deprive yourself of the foods you enjoy eating for a very long time. You may see some short-term weight loss but in the long run you're likely to have relapses and you may end up gaining more weight than you started with.

The only way to lose weight and to keep it off is to build a sustainable lifestyle that you can easily follow for a long time. Don't deprive yourself of the foods you enjoy eating rather know their nutritional value and how they fit in your day your week or your month. For example, if you're about to eat a chocolate cake know its nutritional value and lower your calorie intake in your next few meals accordingly. That's where exercise can be helpful with weight loss. Exercise has tons of health benefits one of them is that it can help you burn some extra calories. You won't be able to burn everything off in a single day but adjusting your next few meals combined with an extra day or two of gym will do the trick.

Sustainability is the key to weight loss. Build a lifestyle you can easily follow for the long run. Nothing will work in isolation. The real magic happens when you can combine the different factors of healthy living in a lifestyle you can easily stick with.

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